What is this site


If your life in terms of women is NOT exactly the way you want it , or maybe much worse, and you're looking for information that will help you solve your problem ...  you're in the right place!

So take a few minutes of your time to take a look at this page because the information you'll find inside it can make it one of the most important pages you'll read in your life.

Let me ask you a few questions to understand together if I can give you the information you are looking for.

(Read the questions below and respond mentally to yourself) 

  • Would you like to find out how to have the women you've always wanted? 
  • Do you think there are "too beautiful" women for you? 
  • Have you ever heard from a girl that you like phrases like "are you just a good friend for me?" 
  • When you see a woman you like, you feel stuck and you want to know how to approach it in a natural way, attract her, seduce her and have fun even while doing it?
If you answered yes to one, some or all of these questions, it's very likely that your sexual and sentimental life is not exactly how you would like it and ... it should not be like that!

The question that many people often ask me, given my work, is: "Is it possible to seduce women in a continuous and constant manner even if i are not handsome, rich or famous?". 

The answer is:  definitely yes!

In fact, if until today you do not have the success you want in terms of women do not worry: the fault is not yours .
Unfortunately we live in a society in which we are taught many things, such as at school for example, which we will never use in life, but we are not explained how to seduce and attract a woman, that is we are not taught or explained how to have a sex life rewarding that, together with many other factors, is an integral part of our serenity, happiness and self-esteem.
This means that if you are not the classic type that can make us run the very real risk of believing, wrongly , not being able to have the women you want and to resign yourself to this reality as if it were something immutable and written in stone. 

But why is not what is being taught to you? Honestly I can not give you the answer and I think you should not even worry about it. But what I can do is reveal the secret formula to turn boys who are not handsome or rich in seductive and successful men with women.


Ooopss ... You must excuse me. I was so taken by telling you these things that I almost forgot to introduce myself :-). 

My name is Aldo Rosell  and I am a man who has made a journey, a path of transformation, which has led me to have the sentimental-sexual life that I have always desired. 

BUT ... it was not always like that! 

In fact, to be honest with you, up to some time ago I was the classic boy that many, and above all many, would call a loser . 

All the beautiful girls I saw out there did not give me a look  (and to tell the truth even the ugly ones did not pay me any attention ...) 

To tell you all I felt the women I wanted on another level compared to me, but that I say another level ... let's say another planet. 

But then everything has changed!

Let me ask you a question: have you ever met men who are not more beautiful than you, but who still have more women than you because they can do ?

It happened to me many times and believe me ... this thing did not make me sleep at night. 

wanted at all costs to solve my problem ... it was a very pressing need. 

I did not want to feel lucky if I found, " with the hand of the Lord" , a girl who was there and that maybe I did not like even to the end.

Only I did not really know where to start. In fact, this " knowing how to do" for me was as obscure as for my grandmother to use the computer.


So, what did I do? 

I did what you do when you have a problem but you do not know how to solve it: I started looking for answers around , I started looking around if there were techniques, ways, strategies to seduce women.

The good news is that there were, the bad is that they were disgusting

What do you mean? 

In the sense that they were really strange things and cumbersome, not at all natural, which tended to manipulate a woman and not to seduce her. They were not all things, but a good 95% for sure! 

In short, a real disgusting! 

So I had to work hard! 

What do you mean? 

In the sense that I spent years testing these techniques, trying and trying again, and at the end I took a very small percentage, then I transformed them and improved them to the maximum to make them natural.

And I understood one thing: 

"Your success with women NOT depends on what you do or what you say but it depends on WHO ARE YOU "

In fact, from my journey made of attempts (sometimes disastrous ), my new self was born , an ego capable of releasing my Male Energy and the True Man that was hidden inside me.

This is the reason for the name Reborn , that is reborn , because for me it was a real rebirth that gave me access to a better life.

Flirtandseduction.bid is also born for this. To keep you away from sites that promise miracles but leave you with so much frustration and nothing done by offering you only trivial paliatives to your problem, as in the past it happened to me.

Have you ever heard you say,  "Do women have to be yourself?" Surely! It worked? I do not think so! 


Well, it's very simple: you do not have to be yourself but your best yourself as possible in order to become able to unleash your Masculine Energy and think and act like a Real Man. 

This is what attracts a woman, not the tricks! And in fact on this site I'll tell you exactly how! 

In fact, if until today you do not have the results you want in terms of women it's not because there's something wrong with you (if you've ever thought of it I'm sorry because it happened to me and I know how sad and frustrating it can be) but only because you have not yet given the True Man in you , and this True Man is in all of us, you just need to know how to get him out!

So to release your Male Energy you do not have to become a different person, but you have to become the self you have never been, the self that you have inside of you and now you still do not know how to get out.

I know that the difference seems subtle but it is really important and, if you will allow me to trust you, on this site I will explain exactly how to do it step by step.

Well, now that I have done these dutiful premises let me explain what is this site, but above all what it is not.


 This site is not a site in which you will learn to: 

  • Seduce a woman learning a " handbook " full of phrases to learn by heart and "vomit" on the first unfortunate that you meet.
Think about it: do you want a woman to want to be with you because you can play someone else's sentences well? Surely not.

And anyway, even if I wanted to follow this approach I have bad news to give you: there is no way to frame every human interaction in an instruction manual and, for how many interesting and funny phrases and stories you can learn, sooner or later they will end up leaving you alone your old self.

I say really, many of us happened to be able to know or maybe get together with a girl who interested us thanks to this stuff but ... finished the material, the magic ended.

But do not worry. If you follow me on this site and you will do the concepts you find inside, you will never be left without interesting things to say to a girl, even if now it seems impossible.

  • Use strange tricks such as magic tricks, thought-reading or anything else to free her and generate in her an attraction that is not sustainable in the medium to long term.

Think about it. Do you want a woman who wants a man (specifically you) or a circus monkey? 

  • Use communication strategies that exist only on the blackboard of some " seduction professor" but that do not find any evidence in real life.

I tell you all this because I happened to know many guys who had found a special girl shortly after they lost it because they were not able to sustain, in the long run, the personality that "put on stage" . 

When you find a girl really valuable and, believe me, if you become good at this field will happen to you ... Will you lose it because you were infatuated with someone else who was not really you?

No. It would be a bullshit right? But it's the same bullshit I've seen many, many boys do. 

So listen to me, learn from mine and their mistakes ;-). 

FlirtandSeduction.bid is a site where you will learn how to unleash your Masculine Energy and the True Man inside you just waiting to get out, so you can live in a way totally compatible with what you are and what you want from your life ... And not just for women!

Yes ... in fact, you will soon discover that, once you are able to be in touch with the True Man inside you and release your Male Energy, you will also have the pleasant side effect of seeing all areas of your life better. On a social, financial, and your relationships with people in general will also improve.

Too good to be true? 

I assure you it is exactly like that. In fact, improving with women makes you develop skills that will help you and support you in every field of your life.

In fact, improving with women is simply an effect of the improvement that occurs within you and that, as a result, makes you more attractive.

Is it really worth it, do not you think? 

Good. Here is what you will learn in Flirtandseduction.bid 


The purpose of flirtandseduction.bid is to make men express masculine energy, that is, the true man that everyone has of himself.

Everyone within himself has a masculine energy that wants to go out. When a man succeeds in getting that energy out he succeeds in achieving his goals, be they women as well as success in all areas of life.

To explain this we use the metaphor of the pressure cooker. The male energy is steam in a pressure cooker that wants to get out at all costs. The cap instead are all the thoughts, fears, mental saws that society imposes on us.

flirtandseduction.bid wants to destroy these mental saws and fears so that the male energy can express itself freely.

A woman is damn attracted to masculine energy, and the techniques of seduction have the task of making you express masculine energy, they are only the means of liberation of your masculine energy.

The true man is therefore the one who knows how to express this energy. But in reality one can not say "that is a real man" , or "that is not" . True man is a journey towards which we can all tend, a journey that never ends.


In general, seduction techniques are used to express one's masculine energy. 
Our philosophy is: "We will reveal many techniques, but only some will be good for you, and will be in line with your personality, so try them and try them again and keep only those that you like, so you can find your seductive style" .

You will discover your seductive style , because everyone is different and must find out what works for him .
You will also learn that it is not the seduction techniques that make you seduce as your masculine energy expresses itself through seduction techniques.

This is because women are not machines that you can press a button to make them work the way you want, or people that you can "hypnotize" with some magic frasetta, as someone wants you to believe.


As I say in a podcast, I kind of "screw" my readers, who only come to the site for women and actually find themselves making a personal improvement path that produces incredible changes throughout their lives .

There is no improvement in seduction without personal improvement. 

In fact, you'll find someone who tells you that you can improve with women only by learning some "technical" but these people are lying to you, because they know it's easier to tell someone "I'll give you a turnkey system" rather than telling people that the truth change comes from personal improvement.
But if you've come to read this far I'm sure YOU want a real and substantial change. 

As the phrase of the famous movie Fight Club says: 
"Personal improvement is masturbation ... self destruction instead" 

Let me explain to you better what it means. 

Today you are the result of many inputs given to you by your family, by the state, by the school, by the church, etc. 

The end result is that this system produces people adhering to a certain model, but you are not this model. 
What's really inside you is very different and just waiting to come out. 

So to be completely honest with you ... personal improvement alone is not enough. 
Because it's like trying to cover the mold on a wall with white paint. It is not the definitive solution. 

In fact, on flirtandseduction.bid you will learn first of all the destruction : destruction of mental saws, social prejudices, fears and fears. 

To use the pressure cooker's metaphors, we're going to destroy the cap and finally release your masculine energy.


In the world of seduction you may find the concept of "Alpha-male" or Male Alpha. 

In practice, the Alpha Male in each animal species is the leader who, having more strength than the other animals of the herd, and therefore having the genes that ensure the survival of the species, is entitled to all the best females of the herd ... and others remain the crumbs. 

As someone told you, completely misrepresenting this concept, it will tell you that doing the "Alpha" means to prevaricate others. 

But this is old and misunderstood stuff

That is the old concepts of alpha, the concept of negative dominance . The concept of the chief tribe who eats before others when he returns from hunting and the others obey him for fear. 

The real man, on the other hand, has positive dominance , so he takes care of the well-being of the group. Among friends does not worry about "doing the Alpha" , does not want to command, instead brings value to people. 

As you know the seduction theorists will tell you to focus on techniques to seduce a woman. 

Here instead you will learn how to have fun with the woman in front of you. In this way you will bring value into her life because if you enjoy yourself in the interaction, she will have fun too. 

In fact you will learn that people, even if it is counterintuitive, are like mirrors of your mood and your way of being, and what you will receive in return from them is what you give them first. 

If you value people, without staring at something in return, people will react positively, both men and women. 

The techniques of seduction that we will teach you are in fact natural, that is, they are the simple means by which to flirt and attract a woman bringing value in her life , this is the revolution that carries on flirtandseduction.bid, the revolution of true natural seduction of True Man. 

So are you ready to start? Here are some very important practical things ... 


Most of the articles are free, free, and readable by anyone. Let's talk about several hundred articles! :-). Find the best here . 

Here are the next steps that I recommend you do: 

1.- Suscribe to our youtube channel: just click here

2.-Understand what the phases of seduction are see the full  video: "path to conquer a girl or a woman "

3.-If you have any other questions read the FAQ (frequently asked questions) 

4.- Bookmark us, and check our store!



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